As part of our global offer to provide free online learning to schools, we heard from SNB Nutscholen Breda in The Netherlands who are planning for school closures and introducing their staff and students to MLTV. This is due to the recently declared Coronavirus Pandemic.

What is MLTV?

MLTV (or “My Learning TV”) is an open-source communications platform which connects students and teachers into a virtual-room so that they can engage in real-time lessons. It’s almost identical to services such as Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom. It doesn’t need to be signed up or subscribed to. It’s entirely free, and part of our Fusion VLE.

Teachers can upload, broadcast and share all types of resources within virtual rooms. They can create break-out rooms, polls, chat and direct students what to do. There’s a two-way audio system, and the ability to share your camera too. An interactive whiteboard allows you to annotate and share anything, even YouTube videos.

Getting onboard easily!

Our colleagues at SNB Nutscholen Breda have 6 schools, and are preparing for school closures very soon. Each child is being introduced to MLTV so that they all understand how to make use of this service when they are at home. MLTV operates on desktop, tablet and smartphones (even XBOX and PS4!)

What about bandwidth?

It’s not as bad as you may think. Consider a teacher at home, broadcasting their screen or webcam. That actually only requires an upload speed of about 1 Mbps (most ADSL and Fibre provides 8 MBps). And, for the student at home – again, they only need about 1 Mbps.

You can even use this on 3G with video (we use WEBM format)! In most situations however, online teaching doesn’t always have to be about broadcasting your camera to the class – it’s a carefully choreographed blend of camera, screen sharing and then traditional materials placed online.

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