If your school is closed, disruption to teaching time in class will inevitably affect the ability of the school to deliver a full and balanced curriculum and to offer personalised, differentiated learning for learners.

It is important to continue, wherever possible, to support the continuing education and curriculum provision for students. This is particularly vital for students working to tight examination schedules.

Implementing an online platform

It can be relatively quick and straightforward to implement a fully functioning online system that goes a very long way to replacing classroom contact time. A VLE such as Fusion, can implement this in as little as 24 hours and thus bring the whole school community together in one place. Teachers setting work, tracking progress and communicating with their classes. Parents involved in their child’s learning and part of the school community. On-hand and easy to communicate with.

So, what does online curriculum provision look like?

Teachers can continue to set work using a homework tool or task list. Accept digital submissions of student’s work (evidenced by text, video, sound or picture) that can be marked and online feedback provided.  Provide access to a range of on-line materials; text books, videos, e-Books, Blogs worksheets or any type of file.

To substitute for the exposition part of lessons teachers can locate items online that can be used to substitute physical resources, or better still, teachers video themselves teaching or conduct live online lessons. All of these are supported by the Fusion VLE.

With parents online and part of the school community, your school can provide parents with simple advice on how they can support their children’s learning at home including information on the curriculum. For younger children, provide videos about how to use a child’s home surroundings for learning. Replace physical resources with equivalent online resources such as curriculum content subscriptions or freely available online resources, all available to parents.

School groups and communities

If you are part of a school group, Fusion Hub can be implemented to share online resources between schools to maximise curriculum coverage. My Learning offer this facility at no extra charge.

If you are faced with school closure it is not too late to implement Fusion in your school. It can be up and running in just 24 hours. If you have an M.I.S or School Management System, Fusion can read teachers, students and parents information to create accounts and place everyone in relevant classes, all automatically.