How would you communicate with Parents in the face of school closure?

A school is often judged on its readiness and ability to deliver timely and relevant communications. At times of difficulty requiring school closure, effective communication is vital.

Do existing solutions meet this need?

Traditional methods of communications such as telephoning reception or visiting the school may no longer be available if a school is closed, and certainly sending letters home with students is out of the question.

Ideally communication should be conducted online. Consider using an online learning platform/VLE such as Fusion.

Flexible communication allows vital broadcast style notifications to be sent to all parents or any combination based on groups and classes, or 1:1 discussion with teachers. Remember that, whatever system you choose, it needs to be secure, non-public and cater to a diverse audience with different language needs.  Personal addresses, e-mail, social media and telephone details of staff should not be made available to students or their parents, so all communication should be directed appropriately through school’s systems.

Consider the adoption of a Learning Platform or Parent Portal, to facilitate and share timely information, while offering access to their child’s learning. This will encourage parents to support their child to continue their learning at home.

What you need to do now

Create an emergency communication plan. Determine what communications needs to be sent, to whom and how often. Plan for a longer-term adoption of a solution rather than a short-term quick fix. Review and evaluate all solutions on the merits of:

  • Speed of deployment/setup (Fusion can be deployed in 24hrs).
  • Consideration of audience requirements such as language translation.
  • Initial costs and ongoing costs.
  • Levels of support and training to help you.

Any new system will need to be implemented quickly and be easy to connect to by all users; including parents.