The world has a mobile, global workforce, with expertise and labour moving across country and language boundaries, often temporarily. With the mobile workforce come families and a demand for education that meets the needs of those international families.

The levels of language skills vary widely in families and often, one or more family member will struggle with anything other than their native language.

Fusion provides for any user that needs language support, offering translation at different levels, in 110+ languages.

Students and teachers

Students and teachers can change the main navigation language that translates all the headers and supporting text to their chosen language.

Where they need occasional support, they can also choose a second language; hover over a word and the translation appears at the bottom of the screen!


Parents take a keen interest in their children’s learning and want to be kept informed of their child’s progress and how they can support their child at home. This is particularly important at time when schools are forced to close and parents become substitute support teachers at home. At these times, it is vital that parents have access to translation, not only of all navigation but also messages, notifications and blogs and even translation of homework and task lists, allowing them to understand more fully the work their child has been asked to do. With Fusion’s end user translator, regardless of what language messages are sent in, they are automatically translated into the parents chosen language.

The benefits of language translation to schools is huge. Not only does it minimise a dip in progress and attainment when a student moves to a school that teaches in a different language but it also allows the school to recruit the support of an army of parents to continue student learning at home.