We are proud to announce that our upcoming update, “Fusion NG”, contains ground-breaking functionality.

Fusion NG now allows Teachers to author content in English (or any language) and that content will be delivered to parents in their own language!

Known as multi-translation, our amazing new feature operates across any device, in any combination of 110 languages, including two languages together.

Typical examples:

  • The school may need to send a broadcast about a severe weather warning, school closure or health concern – and all parents will be notified immediately in the language of their choice.
  • Teachers can operate weekly blogs and newsletters, knowing that parents will be able to understand the main content being shared.
  • Parental discussions are multi-lingual. Feedback from a teacher in English is delivered in the Parent’s language. If the parent replies in Arabic, the teacher will see this in English.

No other platform has this level of depth, integration and flexibility. Free APPS are provided to all users as part of any subscription to Fusion VLE.

About My Learning – Fusion

With over 10 years in the international education sphere, My Learning are committed to ensure that any user, in any language has the same information on any device.

We look forward to continuing to provide innovative, simple and highly functional online learning tools for schools, colleges and universities worldwide.

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