In this article we discuss problems educators face working in a multi-lingual environment. Using Fusion, we show you how to enhance productivity and streamline communications throughout your entire organisation.

Reality check

How many products in school do you use each day where English is the default language? (Lot’s right?)

It’s increasingly common that English may not be the native language of parents or students within your school. This can present barriers to many aspects of learning and communication.

The language barrier in class

We’ve all been in situations whereby students don’t always read or speak English and the software they use is predominantly in English. Interfaces which don’t make sense, confusing navigation and an array of settings. It can be difficult for both the learner and the teacher.

The language barrier at home

Students may commonly log into a phone, tablet or computer at home to see what homework or blogs the teacher has posted.

They soon realise that many of the instructions set may require translation or simplification before they make sense.

Parental engagement

When students complete work they often wish to show their parents. They submit their work back to the teacher.

Perhaps the parent’s native language is not English. The parent has to read and understand the homework and make sense of what was submitted.

It’s a multi-lingual layer-cake of potential misunderstanding and it can appear during any point of the “School -> Home -> School” cycle.

Getting it right first time

My Learning has been helping customers with situations like these for over 10 years and we’re very pleased with how Fusion solves such problems with zero effort.

Saving Teachers time

A teacher can post a blog, message or homework in ANY language, knowing that Fusion will handle the delivery of that information into any target language.

Removing confusion for Students

If the student’s main language is Spanish, they can log-in to their Spanish interface and view the blog, message or homework in Spanish. Users can even operate two languages at the same time!.

Fusion let’s users choose from over 100 languages. No other system supports this type of depth and flexibility.

Positive Parental Communications

The parent can choose any language they want, the interface and content are all delivered in their own language. This is unique, we even support two alternative languages at the same time.

This system works on Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop and is a free service built-into Fusion. Every user (Teacher, Student, Parent or Staff) can choose any two languages, and Fusion re-translates between all of them.

Real world examples

  • Administrators can send notifications to any parents in English. They will be received by parents in their own language.
  • Teachers can create online discussions with a parent in any language. The parent will receive and read that discussion in their own language.
  • The school blog/newsletter goes out every week in English. The audience who reads it, receive it in their own language.
  • Homework, Blogs, Discussions, Messages and Calendar information is available to anyone in any language on any device.

Does your VLE/LMS or Parents Portal do this?

If not, get in touch and discover what other schools/colleges are doing with this amazing flexibility. Fusion can be your whole-school solution.