Task lists are just that… a list of jobs to do. Simple, right?

So, take that simple idea, add the ability to make a task show a video, open a document or quiz or the ability to track student progress, and suddenly you have a powerful learning tool for students of all ages. The beauty of task lists in Fusion is that they are so easy to create and use, yet flexible and powerful enough to support structured learning for all ages.

Here’s how easily you can transform what you do; save time, add focus and depth to student learning and a whole lot more…!


Create planned lessons that you can track in real time. It is so simple to add all the elements of a lesson in just a couple of clicks.


  • Upload or fetch directly from Fusion

Web link

  • Take your students to anywhere on the web… created there and then

Pick activities from within Fusion:

  • Homework
  • Blogs or Forums for discussion
  • Another task list

In a couple of minutes you can create a complete learning experience that can be used again and again.


Create a comprehensive revision route for your learners.


Use the power of task lists to create a complete course.

Control progression (see how-to video)

Hide the remainder of the task list until a score has been achieved in a quiz (form) included in your task list.


Plan to be away? Create a task list for the lesson and assign to the whole class, or to the person covering the lesson.

Got a new group member?

No problem. Click the pencil to edit the people assigned to the task list. Just tick the new member of the group and save.

Got a great task list? Want to use it again?

Simply clone and assign to a new group or student.

If you haven’t tried task lists, give them a go. So easy to make, and to track the progress of all your learners.