We all have visions of our dream customer, the one that uses your product in every way that it was designed for. My Learning were exhibiting their 2nd year at EdEx in Doha last April when Hessa Al Noaimi from The Newton Group inquired what Fusion could do for her schools. The Newton School group based in Doha, is the largest independent school group in Qatar and a leading example of private education in the state.

When The Newton Group approached the Fusion team, they had a vision of what they needed to unite their schools and hoped Fusion would provide the solution. They were looking for a platform that supported their schools, allowing them to work more closely as a group. They had already identified some areas for improvement. It was our challenge to show them how we could provide the cohesion necessary to drive change. We were able to offer The Newton Group “Fusion Hub”, our platform specifically designed for large groups of schools. Fusion Hub helped them overcome some very common issues in schools, such as :

  • Schools across the group were using too many different tools, systems and apps.
  • There was a lack of continuity between schools. No easy way to work together across the group.
  • Parent communication was de-centralised.
  • SIMS MIS system under-utilised.
  • Needed a better way of tracking activity and performance across the group.

A single community – Fusion Hub

It was time to take control and to streamline and centralise key communication, data and learning processes and, of course, Fusion was well placed to help.

The beauty of Fusion is that the entire community of the schools is automatically enrolled and synced directly from their SIMS MIS; teachers, students and parents, all co-existing in a single online environment. Effectively the whole school community, online.

Once everyone shares the same platform, everything becomes easier. Need to set a task or homework for students? You can. Do you want the parents to be notified about that homework? No problem! Do you want to send an instant broadcast notification to all parents telling them of a school assembly? You can do that too.

Combine all this with reporting at school, group and student level, share learning resources between schools and set unified policies from the management and you have a powerful, cohesive online community.