Communicating school closure.

How would you communicate with Parents in the face of school closure? A school is often judged on its readiness and ability to deliver timely and relevant communications. At times of difficulty requiring school closure, effective communication is vital. Do […]

Is your school truly multi-lingual?

We are proud to announce that our upcoming update, “Fusion NG”, contains ground-breaking functionality. Fusion NG now allows Teachers to author content in English (or any language) and that content will be delivered to parents in their own language! Known […]

Multi-lingual success

In this article we discuss problems educators face working in a multi-lingual environment. Using Fusion, we show you how to enhance productivity and streamline communications throughout your entire organisation. Reality check How many products in school do you use each […]

Case Study: Belmont School

Founded in 1880, Belmont School is a co-educational school for children aged 2 to 16 years. They offer day education for all children and optional weekly boarding or flexible boarding arrangements for children from 7 years old. Their belief in […]